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Bullhorn Automation management

Automation holds huge opportunities for staffing companies, but are you equipped to get the most out of it?

Many staffing companies are missing someone who is dedicated to driving, managing, and analyzing their automation strategy. Without that, there is a gap that will damage the positive impact of your automation investment.

Three of the keys to success with Bullhorn Automation are: knowing how to use it, the correct data to underpin it, and the capacity to review and manage it on an ongoing basis.

If you are missing any of the above, keep reading to learn how we can help!

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What does Connected Automation from Kyloe include?

Process review and recommendations

Automation build and management

Data management and cleansing

"One of the most common challenges we see when it comes to automation is that there is no 'in-house expert'. The other is companies overlooking the importance of data quality as part of automations, or lacking the ability to make the updates required for their automations to work.

Our Connected Automation package gives you access to our certified Bullhorn Automation experts who can take care of all of this for you, freeing up your team's time, while you benefit from maximum ROI on your investment."

Paul Sabatino, Regional Sales Manager US (Kyloe Partners)

Who is Connected Automation for?

  • Firms who are already on Bullhorn Automation but aren't seeing the benefits anticipated because they don't have time to review, update, and manage their automations
  • Companies who need help with updating their data to enable automations to run correctly
  • Those looking to build their Bullhorn Automation knowledge through access to exclusive learning materials.

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Why should I partner with Kyloe on Bullhorn Automation?

With over 950 Bullhorn clients across 18 countries, our experts have unrivalled knowledge of configuration, recruitment processes, automation, reporting, onboarding and integrations, to set you up for future growth.

We live and breathe Bullhorn all day long - you're in safe hands with Kyloe!

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