"For us, it's definitely been a time-saving, but also it's really reliable and dependable as well."


Kyloe originally worked with Yolk on their Bullhorn implementation, making sure they were setup properly and running smoothly on their new CRM. Yolk then came to us for help when they were looking for an alternative to Bullhorn’s own CV formatting solution.

We knew Kyloe AwesomeDocs would be able to help with what they needed – keep reading for more details!


Files going missing due to consultants using desktop programs outside of Bullhorn to format

Legal and compliance issues due to users creating contracts manually

Documents were taking a long time to format and the output was often unprofessional-looking

Our solution: Kyloe AwesomeDocs for Bullhorn

“It's really easy to use and it causes us very little problems. For us, it's definitely been a time-saving, but also it's really reliable and dependable as well.”

Mat Sykes, Yolk


Custom templates enable professional branded polish every time without any extra effort

Locked in clauses approved by your legal and compliance team and details like salary and start date auto-populated from Bullhorn

Automated workflows encourage your users to work within the CRM, keeping everything centrally stored and easily accessible

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