"We're seeing many more submissions, many more placements... streamlining has created a lot of business for us”

CrossMed Healthcare

Following a period of business growth, CrossMed Healthcare were looking for a way to streamline and scale their processes.

One of the key areas they’d identified as slowing them down was the creation of submission packets. It was taking them close to 30 minutes to create each packet of documents (which were often up to 40 or 50 pages long), something which was impacting their ability to turnaround submissions as quickly as the market demanded.

After seeing the success from another Kyloe AwesomeDocs user - a major US-based healthcare staffing company – we knew that CrossMed Healthcare could benefit too.


Unprofessional appearance due to documents being saved in multiple formats

Required files being forgotten and hard to locate

Losing out on business due to taking too long to submit candidates

Our solution: Kyloe AwesomeDocs for Bullhorn


Merged documents automatically formatted for a professional finish

All required files automatically located and included

Reduced process by 27 minutes to just 3 minutes

“Since bringing on AwesomeDocs, we have brought in, six more team members, this is now the only way that they have known how to do their submittals. We're seeing many more submissions, many more placements from the six new team members than some of our vets… streamlining has created a lot of business for us”

Bridget Millard, Director of Operations, CrossMed Healthcare

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